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Types of antivirus masks

In the difficult times that we are going through as a society, the product of a pandemic that has brought a large number of negative repercussions in many aspects of common life, primarily in the area of ​​health, we have asked ourselves the question of how to face this great enemy public and succeed in the attempt.

Being an enemy that we cannot perceive, see, or capture through our senses with the naked eye, but which is scattered in many places and we run the risk of contracting it, we are exposed to a certain degree of infection.

To counteract or minimize the danger of contagion, there is a personal care protocol recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, which suggests the use of anti-virus masks , as a highly relevant mechanism for the comprehensive protection of people.

That is why it is important to know which of them are the most appropriate according to the use that we could give them.

Surgical or hygienic masks

Surgical-type masks are aimed at people who are in health centers, clinics, hospitals, any health center where they treat any type of disease. Instead, hygienic masks are recommended for use by anyone in any other setting.

One of the most relevant hygienic masks is the BFE> 95%, which repels the virus in that percentage, and they are commonly oriented to take care of the rest of the people if we are infected.

Also, surgical masks have the same function, however you can find a greater variety among them. The most suggested are:

  • Type I surgical mask BFE> 95%
  • Type II surgical mask BFE> 98%
  • Type IIR surgical mask > 98%

Antivirus masks.

On the other hand, there are a series of masks whose primary function is to take care of us from contracting the virus . You can find them in different presentations, sizes, shapes, colors, among other attributes that characterize them. The most reputable ones are the FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 , being the initials of its acronym in English (Filtering Face Piece) which means “filtering face piece”.

It should be noted that the FFP2 mask is highly recommended, since in addition to protecting all the people around us, it helps to defend ourselves from any infectious agent to which we may be exposed.

When should we use a mask?

Sometimes, we are not clear when we should or should not use a mask, either to protect ourselves or to protect others. However, the general recommendation is to use them anywhere we expose ourselves with other people, as there is no guarantee that any other individual cannot have the virus.

There are many people who are asymptomatic, they do not show any type of characteristic evidence of the virus, but they could have it within their immune system without knowing it.

Why is the use of a mask important?

One of the aggravating factors that afflict the governments of each country is the massive contagion among the people who socialize.

Health systems, having a large number of infected people, see their care capacity diminished, since they do not have all the resources and infrastructure necessary to simultaneously attend to the entire population, causing a collapse to the different healthcare centers .

For this reason, the use of different types of antivirus masks is of great relevance as a preventive factor in the spread of the virus. This will be one of the many tools that we can use to break the chains of contagion, and added to other prevention techniques, they would be of great help.

What is the correct use of the mask?

Many people tend to put the mask on their forehead, on their chin, carry it in their pockets, on one ear, in their hands, or place them on any surface, without having the slightest idea that there is a greater risk of contagion by not using it. properly.

That is why it is very important to be clear about its proper use, here we list them:

  • First of all, we must disinfect our hands very well with plenty of soap and water or any other antiseptic that we have within reach.
  • Verify that the mask does not have any type of wear, tear or deterioration, which affects its ineffectiveness in its use.
  • Adjust the mask to your face in such a way that it can cover it completely, protecting the areas of the nose, mouth and chin.
  • When removing the mask, you should try to take it by the bands that go between the ears, remove them from one end to the other and discard it.
  • In case you want to reuse it, be sure to wash it with hot soapy water. Then place it in an airy place and preferably exposed to the sun.

Other suggestions to consider when using antivirus masks.

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, is a respiratory disease that has a high rate of contagion through the mucosa, which each individual can contract just by breathing.

Masks are of vital importance since in their proper use, they can serve as a barrier to contagion, and are recommended and accepted in the vast majority of countries in the world.

In addition to using them as a prevention method against COVID-19, it is essential to use other techniques that, in addition to their use, help to keep us healthy and healthy before this dangerous disease, which affects us every day and inflicts significant pain on us. each human being, being able to produce until death.

For all of the above, we must be aware of the danger posed by the virus, and consider the proper use of antivirus masks in any of its presentations to face it and counteract its repercussions.

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