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Plate of good eating

What is the plate of good eating?

The plate of good eating is a nutritional tool that seeks to improve eating habits . It teaches us the different types of food that exist and how we should combine them; and it is that if we do not do it in the correct way, we can damage our health.

One of the main objectives pursued by the plate of good eating is to achieve a healthy body weight . In addition, it greatly improves the functioning of the digestive system since it encourages the consumption of healthier foods.

Therefore, what we achieve thanks to this tool is a more balanced diet. We also talked earlier about the jar of good drinking to color .

Benefits of the plate of good eating

Next we indicate which are the benefits of the plate of good eating ; a food guide that greatly helps us to enjoy a good state of health, both physically and mentally.

  • Thanks to this tool we learn to rationally choose the meals we make each day based on their color , as well as their properties and benefits.
  • In addition, it teaches us to combine the different food groups in the correct way .
  • Of course, it allows us to integrate a wide range of foods into our diet.
  • One of the main benefits of a good diet with the plate of good eating is that we make sure to ingest all the nutrients that our body needs to function properly : carbohydrates , proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • This nutritional tool offers us the possibility of increasing the amount of nutrient-rich foods we consume, which are also very low in calories.
  • Undoubtedly, one of the great benefits has to do with the fact that we achieve a great energy and nutritional balance according to our needs. That is, we manage to balance the energy that we ingest and that we consume.
  • Of course, a good diet thanks to this tool allows us to avoid diseases such as overweight and obesity.

How does the plate of good eating work?

This tool is divided into a total of three groups, each of them with a certain color so that it is easy to identify. On the one hand, the group of green color , corresponding to vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, the orange group , in which cereals and tubers are integrated.

And finally, the red group , which includes legumes and foods of animal origin .

The use of the different colors works like a traffic light; thus, the green color represents free consumption, while the orange indicates that the foods of the group should be eaten with caution, and the red symbolizes those foods that should be consumed in moderation.

Information about the well-eating dish for children and adults

The operation is as follows: each of the daily meals should include one food from each group . The ideal thing for the body to function properly is to eat three meals a day. Thus, the objective of the plate of good eating does not establish any hierarchy of some foods over others.

And it is that he considers that none of them should be missing in the diet. Instead, it places special emphasis on the most appropriate proportions of each food group in relation to their consumption.

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables are one of the healthiest foods that exist since they provide a large amount of nutrients to the body, such as minerals and fiber . In addition, the vast majority of vegetables contain a high amount of water, which promotes hydration.

As for fruits, they are one of the best sources of unrefined sugars out there. In addition, they have a high water content, thus guaranteeing good hydration.

Health benefits

One of the main health benefits of both fruits and vegetables is that they provide water to the body, thus promoting its hydration. In addition, they are foods with a high fiber content , improving intestinal transit and avoiding certain diseases such as constipation .

These foods contain antioxidants , which prevent the degeneration of the nervous system and strengthen the cardiovascular system; In addition, they prevent premature aging of both skin and cells. And, finally, its high potassium content prevents fluid retention.

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Cereals and tubers

As for cereals, they are the main source used by the body to carry out its daily activities . Therefore, its consumption is essential for it to function properly.

Health benefits

os cereals are rich in many nutrients like carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins . Carbohydrates are essential for the proper functioning of the body in both children and adults as they provide energy. As for minerals such as iron or zinc, among others, they considerably improve the functioning of brain activity. And finally, vitamins strengthen the immune system , thus reducing the risk of contracting illnesses such as the flu or cold.

Legumes and foods of animal origin

Foods of animal origin, meat and fish, are an excellent source of protein. However, the consumption of meat, especially that processed, should be moderate since it contains a high amount of saturated fat .

Regarding legumes, they are a great source of protein, so their consumption is essential for the muscular system .

Moderate consumption!

The proportion of foods of animal origin that we consume must be lower than that of foods of plant origin. And it is that, in general, they contain a higher percentage of fat, which means extra calories for the body.

In addition, the vast majority of animal fats are high in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, thus increasing the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease such as myocardial infarction .

Dish of good eating for children

Of course, this nutritional tool can also be applied to the little ones. It is most advisable to avoid diseases such as childhood obesity . Let’s educate with some images of the plate of good eating for children.

And it is very important to follow a healthy and balanced diet from childhood to enjoy a good state of health both during childhood and in adulthood. Thus, the well-eating dish for children is a fabulous tool for the little ones to learn healthy eating habits little by little.

Tips to know if we have a good diet

This is precisely one of the questions we ask ourselves most frequently: whether or not we eat a good diet in relation to a wide range of factors: whether the foods we eat are healthy or not, whether our diet is balanced and varied …

Well, the truth is that a good diet should consist of the following points.

  • Complete: of course, it must be complete, so that it contains all the food groups so that the body can benefit from all the nutrients.
  • Balanced: a correct diet must be balanced; the nutrients must keep the proportions to each other, combining the foods properly.
  • Enough: there is a false belief that to get ahead it is enough to eat little. Nothing more far from reality; The truth is that a good diet happens because it is enough to cover the nutritional needs of the body based on our sex, age and health status.
  • Varied: we must pay the utmost attention to a varied diet, including foods from the three groups in each of the meals we eat.
  • Hygienic: it is as important to consume the right food for health, as it is to handle and cook it in the correct way; hygiene is a key issue.

Conclusion of what the good eating plate is for

In general terms, the plate of good eating is a guide that allows us to eat in a healthy and, in addition, varied and balanced way . As we have indicated, the ideal is to include one food from each group in each of the meals, varying the type of food each day.

It is the best way to be in good health and avoid diseases such as obesity, diabetes or heart attack. This is the true basis of a good diet.

Images of the plate of good eating coloring

Here we leave you the best images to color, either to study, to color, to cut out , to print , or to hang on the kitchen fridge so that the whole family and children can visualize it daily and take it into consideration. for good nutritional health.

You can download them in pdf and print them

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