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Types of health insurance


Something very important to take into account before contracting is to know the types of health insurance, and it is that depending on our needs it will be more feasible to get one or the other. That is why we are going to analyze how many types of health insurance there are currently to help you make the right decision.

Healthcare health insurance

We start with health care insurance, which will basically be those that will make available to the insured both professionals and facilities (own or arranged) to guarantee medical-surgical assistance, that is, it is an insurance through which we will receive a series of services, but not compensation.

In the case of being interested in this type of insurance, it is important to analyze the coverages that it includes by default and those that we can contract to guarantee a complete assistance adapted to our needs.

We will also have to analyze an important detail that is the co-payment, and that is that these insurances must be fine-tuned in relation to what they will cover us. The copayment is basically that, depending on the characteristics of a certain insurance, the insured must pay for certain medical care and tests, while the rest will be included in the monthly or annual payment. This aspect is important to negotiate before signing the contract.

Health insurance reimbursement of medical expenses

On the other hand, we have this type of health insurance through which the insured will have the freedom to go to any hospital or even medical center to be treated.

After that, the insured will be in charge of making the payment for the care received, but will send the invoice and the medical report to the insurer in order to receive a reimbursement.

As a general rule, this type of insurance usually includes assistance both inside and outside the hiring country, but it is important to study it before, especially if we travel more often.

Indemnity health insurance

Finally we have this third type of health insurance in which the insured will receive compensation based on what is agreed in the policy. This means that you will receive an economic amount based on causing sick leave, need for hospitalization, depending on certain care, etc.

These are basically the three types of health insurance that we will have at our disposal, so we must choose the one that best suits our needs.


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