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The skin is the largest and most important organ in our body. It is the first defense barrier of our body, it protects us against light, heat, injuries and infections. That is why it is very important to take care of it, and in cases where it is affected, the best solution must be found in time. For this reason, if this is your case, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the best solution to take care of it. If you keep reading you will realize that Vitacilin is the medicine indicated for this type of problem, as it has great benefits for the conditions that our skin may suffer, as well as for the care of it.

What is Vitacilin?

Vitacillin is an excellent combination that has antibacterial effects. This formula is prescribed for the treatment of bacterial infections, especially those of the skin, as well as mild acne vulgaris, secondarily infected eczema and dermatoses, furunculosis, and folliculitis. It is also used in the treatment of strong infections from cuts, lacerations, abrasions and other wounds on the skin. As well as for ulcers, artificial burns, scrapes, surgical or accidental cuts, and that are infected.

This is a medicine of Mexican origin and it comes in ointment or cream, for topical use only. Contains neomycin sulfate and retinol (vitamin A).

  • Neomycin: It is a powerful antibiotic that has aminoglycoside acting against bacterial processes and stopping their growth, which produce an alteration in our skin and in turn attack it.
  • Retinol: It has the properties of cell multiplication, activation of collagen in the skin. It acts as a regenerator in cases of acne, and contributes to a homogeneous complexion due to the fact that it decreases melanin. It also favors the elimination of dead cells, in the treatment of expression lines, blackheads, comedones, to improve the appearance of our skin, among others. It is essential in our body, since it is one of the main components involved in metabolic reactions. In addition to its healing and regenerating effect on skin conditions.

Although neomycin sulfate is not absorbed directly in cutaneous application, it is absorbable through the skin with injuries such as burns, ulcers, or other wounds. This treatment is done through the topical route because it produces a more immediate and direct effect , unlike if it was done orally. Here it would have an excessively slow effect, and finally the essence of the components of said medicine would be lost with an unfavorable result, since it would not perform its function in the correct way.

Although neomycin is an antibiotic especially for treating or preventing skin infections, specifically caused by bacteria, it is not useful against viral infections caused by herpes .

There are wounds on the skin that are usually superficial and these can heal without treatment, but we found other cases in which they did not. Therefore, they must be treated in time with an adequate treatment plan. In this way, we can avoid infections or bacteria, which if not treated in time can end up complicating. However, vitacillin does not work to treat fungi, viruses, or anaerobic bacteria (these bacteria do not live when oxygen is present . They generally lodge in the gastrointestinal tract).

Cases in which the skin shows bacterial resistance may be for various reasons, such as decreased permeability in cell walls, resistance mediated by plasmids, or modification of the site where ribosomes bind to absorb protein synthesis.

Retinol is a highly fat-soluble component for the skin. Its main function is that it is a skin renovator, it penetrates the deepest layers of the skin due to its molecular weight. In addition, it is an excellent cell renewal, so it acts quickly in the disappearance of dead skin, thus giving a better appearance. It also has many benefits in the aesthetic area. This component stimulates the production of collagen and contributes to a deeper hydration of it. It also helps to improve its texture, stimulates the reproduction of what we know as keratin, and this in turn stimulates the production of cells in our body. Helps close pores and prevents follicular plugging. For this reason it is recommended in its medical uses to treat acne. It contains an antioxidant effect, as it prevents the decrease of the SOD enzyme, which occurs in most cells that are exposed to oxygen, and this enzyme acts as an antioxidant source.

What is vitacillin for?

  • Bacterial infections: It is an excellent defense mechanism for our skin, in such a way that it prevents and helps in the treatment of infectious processes at the skin level.
  • Acne: This terrible skin condition can present itself in various forms, be it pimples, which are the best known, blackheads, or even worse as a pimple. But all this can be treated with Vitacilin, since it works directly against these follicles, thus eliminating the germs that they produce, it helps exfoliation of the skin, and its post-recovery.
  • Eczema: This is an inflammatory process in which several layers of the skin are affected, better known as dermatitis, and there are three types:
    • Atopic : It occurs through allergic processes.
    • Seborrheic : it is when the skin suffers scaly lesions, it occurs mostly on the scalp.
    • Contact : When you suffer any irritation due to some substances.
  • Folliculitis: Folliculitis is an infection that occurs frequently at the skin level on the outside of the hair follicles of the first layer of the skin. Vitacilin serves as a treatment for these infections.
  • Furunculosis: An infection that occurs in the inner part of a hair follicle is called furunculosis. It occurs when folliculitis is not treated in time, and it worsens to the point of generating worse conditions such as furunculosis.
  • Dermatosis: It is a general term that is used to define diseases or injuries that affect the skin. There are several types of dermatitis, among the most frequent we have acne, which when it worsens can become secondary. Even for these types of conditions, Vitacilin is still the best treatment to treat it.
  • Minor wounds and burns: These conditions cause injuries to the superficial layers of the skin, causing great irritation, and in turn it is exposed to bacteria because its tissues are exposed to any agent.
  • Ulcers: They are open wounds that develop on the skin, producing lesions so deep that all three layers of the skin can be affected. It can happen for various reasons: diabetes , disorders that affect blood vessels, or due to an infection.


In addition to those mentioned above, it has other types of uses. Among them we have the following:

  • Dark circles: Dark circles occur due to excessive fatigue, either physically or mentally, or they can also be produced by lack of sleep. And not only that, they can occur due to nutritional and hormonal problems, be they of a genetic nature, among others. All this produces a bad appearance on an aesthetic level. Once the causes have been identified, we must improve or correct those problems. For this reason, many are looking for a solution, and it is here that Vitacilin plays an important role, because the area around the eyes is quite delicate. This medicine is responsible for quickly moisturizing and improving these annoying dark circles.
  • Wrinkles: Wrinkles are expression lines that signal us when we are entering the aging stage. However, this drug contains a component that is powerful in treating these: Retinol. As we mentioned earlier, it is in charge of fighting wrinkles. Because it is a cellular renovator, it prevents the appearance of these, and not only that, it makes existing ones fade or disappear.
  • Stretch marks: Stretch marks are like scars in the form of sinuous lines that occur in the connective tissue, especially in the breasts and abdomen. It is a pathological state of the dermis characterized by excessive fibrosis. They are formed from a separation of collagen that binds the cells of our skin. This happens when there is an excessive stretching of the skin, such as losing weight or gaining a lot of weight drastically. Vitacilin contains retinol, and this is the one indicated to treat these skin scars or stretch marks as we better know them. It rebuilds cells and stimulates collagen, which makes the skin more flexible, thus eliminating them entirely.


Vitacilin comes as a cream, ointment or ointment, and its only route of administration should be through the skin . It is only for skin conditions, and can be applied 1 to 3 times a day. Apply it in such a way that it covers the entire area where the injury is. In some cases it is necessary to place a gauze, in order to allow better penetration of the medicine and obtain better results.

Although there have been no symptoms if you have an excessive use of Vitacilin, it should be used in a conscious way, as prescribed by the doctor. It should not be applied to the mucous or ophthalmological routes. It should be kept in a cool and safe place, out of the reach of children.


Vitacilin cannot be applied to people allergic to the components. Neither in patients suffering from skin cancer or skin hypersensitivity.


Neomycin is a contact sensitizer, especially when used for a long time. If any medicine has this component it can cause some irritation, of course it will always depend on how it is used. It should not be applied to the eye area . If an allergic reaction appears when using this component, consult a doctor. These can be hypersensitivity reactions and appear with burning, a rash, redness of the area, among others. When using topical retinoids should not be exposed to the sun, it can cause minor burns or irritation. However, this is not something that is proven in the case of retinol, but it is also recommended not to have sun exposure as a precaution.

Although aminoglycosides can cross the placental barrier, their absorption does not generate any significant risk. For this reason, it is not prohibited in pregnant women, but it is not recommended because there is nothing to prove it, as well as in lactation period, since it is unknown if this treatment can affect breast milk. Retinol when consumed orally can affect congenitally, however by the cutaneous route nothing has yet been demonstrated, but the excretion of this component through breast milk. Regardless of everything mentioned, it is recommended to be very careful with Vitacilin and suspend its use during pregnancy or lactation.

Reactions or side effects

  • In the case of neomycin, it can cause gastrointestinal problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, poor absorption. The effects of this component can cause Ototoxicity, which is a harmful effect that produces a hearing impairment, as well as the balance causing vertigo . And Nephrotoxicity directly affects the kidneys, vital organs for our body, as they are responsible for discarding waste from the body through urine. Neuromuscular blockage can also occur. This usually happens in patients who are given neomycin cutaneously after suffering certain wounds or surgical injuries, burns in large areas of the skin, or when there is irrigation of the skin. This component is not dangerous, unless it is combined with aminoglycosides through the parenteral route (it can be intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous).
  • In the case of retinol, it can cause mild skin rashes, or some reactions such as burns or itching, and in some cases dermatitis. But this is seen most of all in patients who suffer from skin hypersensitivity, especially if they are products used to peel the skin in order to obtain a renewal of it. There may be appearance of spots if you have exposure to the sun. We can say that retinol is phototoxic, which means that it does not react in a favorable way to sunlight. However, all of these conditions can be resolved if the use of this component is discontinued.


It should be noted that in the case of neomycin it should not be administered together with any other aminoglycoside due to the adverse effects mentioned above. Oral anticoagulants or alkalizing agents should not be ingested while this medication is being administered.

In the case of retinol, there may be a risk of toxicity if we consume it together with analogous drugs such as retinoids. For this reason, we must avoid its use. Do not take oral or parental anticoagulants, as they can cause bleeding. Finally, if oral contraceptives are taken, there may be an increase in plasma concentration.

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