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How to choose which sport to practice


What do you prefer: a team or individual sport, at sea or in the mountains, indoors or outdoors …? You have to make a first selection, taking into account your tastes, hobbies, qualities and physical aptitudes. But do not get carried away by fashions or what those around you tell you. If you are not sure, try several sports before deciding, the essential thing is to find a sport that you enjoy and that you can practice regularly.

Do not forget that the Summer and Winter Olympic Games include about fifty sports modalities, and to which we have to add many others that are not considered Olympic disciplines, and do not overlook the fact that new sports are constantly being invented. Won’t you be able to find one that suits you?

Different types of exercise

Today, almost all sports are available to boys and girls, but this has not always been the case. Women have had a hard time getting accepted into competitions. It was in 1928 when the first female tests were carried out, and today there are still countries where religion or ignorance have great coercive power. In these countries, women cannot play certain sports or participate in events like men.

Almost all sports are mixed, although in some the participation of boys stands out (rugby) and vice versa (synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics …). However, nothing prevents you from practicing a sport in which you are a minority sex.

Some sports, such as bodybuilding, weightlifting and strength sports, cross-country running, skydiving, and car or motorcycle racing, are not suitable for children as they can get in the way of their growth and development and safety. However, if you are attracted to them, you can make a slight approximation.

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“If you like a group atmosphere …” then you were born for team sports. They are mainly played with the ball, or other utensils: football, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball. If you also prefer the outdoors, you have rugby and soccer, and if, on the contrary, you prefer water, think about water polo.

“If you want to vent …”, judo or combat sports will help you and, at the same time, will allow you to control your energy and respect others. And why not athletics? You can take it out by running, jumping, or throwing an object with all your might. Gliding through snow or water will also help you “unload.”

“If you are not a strongman …”, nothing happens! What at first may seem like a defect, may end up being an advantage. Can you imagine a strong marathoner? Anyway, if what you want is to strengthen your muscles or back, you can do it with gymnastics, judo or swimming.

“If you like nature …”, surely in your country there are many natural wonders that you can enjoy practicing outdoor activities, such as horse riding. Does the idea of ​​galloping through the countryside encourage you ?: climbing, caving, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, sailing, cross, orientation races, are some of those that you can practice.

But, even if you have already found your sport, you should not forget about the others. If you have decided on an individual sport, you can complement it with another as a team, or if it is indoor, with an outdoor one. If you only work one part of your body because you play tennis, it would not hurt to compensate with a complete sport (for example, swimming).


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