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White fish

Fish is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods out there. Many times we hear of white and blue fish . But what is the difference between them? Well, in addition to others that we explain in the article, the main one is the fat content.

White fish is characterized by having a fat percentage of between 0.1 and 2.5 percent. Meanwhile, in the case of oily fish, the fat is between 6 and 12 percent.

What is white fish?

White fish is one whose fat content is low, between 0.1 and 2.5 percent. Thus, these species are very easy to digest and have a lower caloric intake. That is why white fish is an essential food in weight loss diets.

A good trick to know if it is white fish is to look at the tail . In these species it is rounded. Meanwhile, blue fish have an arrow-shaped tail. The tail of the white fish is rounded.

Properties of white fish

The main property of this type of fish is its low fat content since in no case does it exceed 5 grams per 100 grams of product. Regarding its nutritional value , it provides the body with proteins of high biological value. Proteins are the main source of energy both physically and mentally.

It is a very light type of fish, with a minimal caloric intake, but at the same time satiating thanks to the proteins . It is also rich in nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, potassium , phosphorus, and sodium. Thus, it is an essential food in a healthy and balanced diet.

As it is a lean fish and does not contain purines, it is a highly recommended type of food for people who suffer from digestive problems or who want to reduce uric acid levels in the blood.

Benefits of white fish

Helps to lose weight

One of the great benefits of white fish is that, thanks to its low fat content, it promotes weight loss. In order not to add more calories than necessary to the dish, it is best to steam or bake it .

Improve memory

This food is very rich in nutrients such as phosphorus or zinc, which are essential for the brain to function properly. Thus, regular consumption of lean fish improves memory, as well as attention span and concentration . Very especially children and adolescents should consume it frequently since they are in the full stage of learning.

Strengthens bones

Thanks to its high calcium content , white fish strengthens the bone system . It is therefore a highly recommended food for people of all ages. In the case of older people, this food reduces the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis .

Strengthens the immune system

Another benefit to highlight from the consumption of this type of fish has to do with its content in Omega 3 fatty acids , which strengthen the defenses of the immune system and help the body fight inflammatory processes.

Take care of cardiovascular health

One of the great benefits of white fish has to do with heart health . Its fat content does not exceed 2.5 percent and, in addition, it increases the levels of good cholesterol while reducing those of bad cholesterol.

Supports digestion and prevents constipation

Fish is characterized by containing little fibrous protein compared to other foods such as meat. Thus, it is much easier to digest , so that its consumption is very suitable for people who suffer from some type of digestive problem. Of course, it is important to know how to accompany the fish. A side dish of steamed vegetables is a great option.

Helps muscle recovery

Lean fish provides the body with proteins of high biological value. Essential nutrients for the recovery of the muscular system after exercise. In addition, proteins are very important for the organs to maintain and perform their functions properly.

What are white fish?

Pay attention to which are the white fish. This is the complete list.

  • Pollock: Pollock is a fish that belongs to the cod family. In the vast majority of cases it is sold filleted and its meat is very similar in texture to that of hake.
  • Acedía: this fish is very similar to sole. It is ideal for children as it has very few spines. In addition, it is very versatile when it comes to preparing it. You can even take it cold.
  • Blue whiting : blue whiting belongs to the cod family. Its meat is very tasty, although not firm.
  • Sea bream: one of the best valued white fish thanks to its delicious flavor. There are those who point out that it belongs to the category of oily fish, but the truth is that its fat percentage does not exceed 5%.
  • Cabracho: a fish easy to identify thanks to its red color. The meat is very tasty, although it has many thorns.
  • Dogfish: this fish is part of the shark family. Its meat is red in color, very similar to that of tuna. It has no thorns.
  • Rooster: one of the most consumed species of white fish. It has a minimal caloric intake since the fat percentage is less than 2%. Its texture and flavor are smooth.
  • Sole: one of the most nutritious fish. It has a fat percentage of just 1.5%. Its flavor is mild and it hardly has any thorns, making it a perfect food for the little ones.
  • Seabass: seabass is one of the fish with the lowest caloric intake. It is a rich source of proteins of high biological value.
  • Hake: there is a great variety of hake species, although the European is the best valued of all. It contains less than 2% fat and, although it has thorns, they are easily removed.
  • Grouper: this is a semi-fat fish, characterized by its large size. It does not have a very high protein content, although these are of high biological value.
  • Pink: the pink belongs to the hake family. The meat has a firm texture and its flavor is mild.
  • Monkfish: also known as toad, it has proteins of high biological value that promote the proper functioning of the body.
  • Ray: the ray is a white fish with a fat percentage of only 1%. Contains essential amino acids.

White and blue fish: differences

The main difference between white and blue fish is their fat content. Oily fish, also known as fatty fish, has between 6 and 12 percent body fat. This is the case of sardines, whose fat percentage is 10%. As for white fish, its fat content in the body is between 0.1 and 2.5 per story. In addition, there are several semi-fatty species, such as trout, with a fat percentage of 3%.

Now, what is the reason why some fish accumulate more fat in their body than others? In general, those species with a higher fat percentage need more energy for their development. Fats give fish the energy they need to be able to swim.

Thus, most species of blue fish make long migrations throughout their lives and are characterized by the speed of their movements. On the other hand, white fish have a more sedentary life, so they do not need to have as much fat in their body.

Regarding the place where the fat deposits are located , in the case of blue ones, they are found under the skin, in the muscles. Meanwhile, white fish have their fat deposits in the liver.

How to cook white fish in a healthy way?

White fish is one of the healthiest foods that exist, both for children and for adults. Of course, the way you cook it is very important so that it really is a healthy dish, with few calories, but without losing the flavor and texture .

Grilling fish is an excellent option. You can substitute lemon juice for the oil. Once the griddle is very hot, start cooking the fish, always starting from the skin side. You must have a cross on the skin to avoid that the texture is too soft.

You can also prepare it in the oven , al papillote on a vegetable base. To do this, you just have to prepare a bed of vegetables and, on it, place the lean fish wrapped in special baking paper. The result is a very healthy dish, full of flavor.

White fish recipes

White fish risotto


  • 2 fresh cod fillets
  • 1 glass of round rice
  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 cups of fish broth
  • Parsley
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cheese


  1. To begin with the preparation of the recipe, the fresh cod fillets are washed with plenty of warm water.
  2. The cod is sautéed in a little oil until golden brown. Then, it is cut into cubes and set aside.
  3. Sauté the previously chopped onion in another pan with a splash of olive oil. Rice is added and stirred to mix the ingredients.
  4. Next, add the vegetable broth and cook over low heat until it is reduced.
  5. When the rice begins to dry, add the cod and mix all the ingredients.
  6. It is served by adding a little cheese on top.

Monkfish cupcakes


  • 500 grams of potatoes
  • 150 grams of peppers
  • 250 grams of monkfish
  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Salt


  1. First the potatoes are peeled and cut into medium pieces. They are reserved.
  2. The monkfish is cleaned until only the meat is left, removing the bones. It is placed on a plate and brushed with a little oil. It is made a la pancha until golden brown.
  3. Then, put the potatoes with a little salt to cook until they are tender. A few minutes before finishing cooking, add the peppers.
  4. Put the potatoes and peppers in a glass bowl. They are crushed until they form a dough. Add the crumbled monkfish and integrate into the dough.
  5. Round and flat cakes are formed. They are kept in the fridge for 30 minutes to make them more consistent.
  6. Once the time has elapsed, they are floured and fried in oil over medium heat until golden brown.

The whitefish is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It greatly helps the proper functioning of the body, while improving memory and strengthening bones. Thanks to its low caloric intake and fat content, it is a highly recommended food for everyone, even for those who follow a weight loss diet.

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