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Why is it bad to eat sugar?


Sugar is present in countless foods, even those that are not sweet and that have a beautiful label on their packaging that reads in capital letters: “Sugar Free”. Therefore, sugar is part of the diet of most people and today it is known by more than 100 names, which is why many times we believe that we are not eating sugar and it turns out that we are. There are many scientific studies that have studied and discovered the negative effects of sugar on the body and all warn that its consumption in excess is really harmful to almost the entire body.

Sugar is part of empty foods, those that you consume and do not provide any type of nutrient to the body, that does not exercise any healthy function and that only manages to alter important processes such as food metabolism and pancreatic function. Sugar is bad for much more than causing overweight, because today it is considered one of the drugs that causes the most addiction. We invite you to continue reading this article to find all the answers to an increasingly common question: why is it bad to eat sugar?

What is sugar?

We usually refer to white sugar by the name of sugar, better known as refined sugar. Natural sugar is extracted from the sugar cane and is rich in minerals and vitamins that can be assimilated by the human body in a positive way. White sugar is that sugar, but refined, that is, subjected to a process that eliminates all its nutritional properties and leaves as a result a product rich exclusively in sucrose, which gives it the only function of sweetening.

Sucrose formula

Brown sugar, on the other hand, is not subjected to the refining process (read: differences between brown and white sugar ) and, although consumed in excess it is also harmful to health, it has nutrients typical of natural sugar extracted from sugar cane. sugar. For this reason, many experts recommend using brown sugar instead of refined sugar.

Why is it bad to eat sugar?

Surely you have heard that sugar is the worst thing you can put in your mouth and until now you don’t know why. Well, the wait is over, you are about to find out why eating sugar is bad.

Promotes obesity

Sugar is used to sweeten countless foods and preparations without providing any nutrient to the body, on the contrary, all it offers are calories and a significant increase in the secretion of insulin, a pancreatic hormone responsible for regulating blood glucose levels. . For this reason, excessive consumption of sugar is one of the first triggers of obesity as it slows down the metabolism. There are many foods and beverages considered harmful due to their high sugar content, some of them are: soft drinks, artificial juices, sweets, cookies, pastries, desserts, chocolates, sweets and many more.

Stimulates the nervous system, negatively

When we eat sugar, the body experiences a significant increase in energy, but it is not true energy. It is a kind of temporary high that just as it appears suddenly, so it goes. This effect of sugar causes negative consequences on the nervous system , as it suddenly alters the behavior of the person causing anxiety, hyperactivity and nervousness, but once this effect passes it causes a significant feeling of depression.

Feeds the oral bacteria

Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay

the oral cavity has good bacteria and bad bacteria. The latter are addicted to sugar and when they eat it, they rapidly metabolize it and turn it into an abrasive acid that destroys all the tissues of the tooth structure. The more sugar we eat, the more acid and bacteria there will be in our mouth, which leads to cavities, bad breath, gum inflammation, and dental infections.

Eliminate good nutrients

Refined sugar is a chemical that is not well processed by the human body, therefore, the body needs to use minerals, calcium and vitamins to be able to assimilate sugar correctly. This is one of the main reasons why people who eat a lot of sugar have deficient levels of vitamin B12.

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Stimulates metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Sugar is very bad, as you may have realized, but it can be even worse when combined in the same food or meal with fats and carbohydrates. This food mixture generates in the body an abundant secretion of insulin by the pancreas, which slows digestion, increases the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose, causes overweight and, very importantly, makes the pancreas work with effort. When insulin is constantly elevated in the blood due to what we eat, the body stops using it correctly and the metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance begins to develop, a condition that if not treated will lead to type 2 diabetes .

Depresses the immune system

Just as there are foods that are beneficial for the immune system and the body’s defenses, such as orange, there are others that are very harmful, such as sugar. In other words, consuming too much sugar causes the immune system to weaken and it cannot fight properly against viruses and bacteria that want to make the body sick, therefore, our defenses are lowered and we are more vulnerable to disease.

Affects the cardiovascular system

Much is said that sugar increases blood glucose levels, but little is said that it is one of the first causes of high cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. This is fatal for the health of the cardiovascular system, as we must remember that cholesterol is the substance responsible for the narrowing of the arteries and when the arteries narrow the chances of heart attack are high.

It’s a drug!

The effect of sugar on the brain has been compared to the effect of heroin, to the point of being considered the most dangerous drug of these times. Like all drugs, sugar causes addiction and withdrawal symptoms when we abruptly try to stop eating it. Refined sugar raises dopamine , a hormone that temporarily generates a great sense of well-being.

Living without sugar: it is possible!

Now that you know why it is bad to eat sugar, you will understand the importance of completely eliminating the consumption of this chemical for the health of your body. By following these tips, you can leave sugar forever:

  • If you are used to using refined sugar to sweeten foods and beverages such as coffee and tea, it may be a good option to start substituting this chemical for honey. Use honey in moderation, as it is also rich in calories. One tablespoon of honey a day is more than enough. There are also other interesting alternatives .
  • More and more people are joining the use of stevia as a way to healthily sweeten their life. Stevia is a natural plant whose leaves serve as a calorie-free sweetener. In the market and pharmacies you can find stevia in different presentations. You won’t notice the difference and it is much healthier than chemical sweeteners.
  • Ultimately, if none of the above options work for you, opt to use brown sugar instead of refined sugar.
  • It is important that from now on you check the labels of the products to make sure if they have sugar or not. Given that this chemical is known by various names, we advise you not to consume or purchase any product that contains: lactose, glucose, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, among others.
  • White carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and flour are among the foods that contain the most sugar. Of course, this list also includes sweets, sodas, pastries, desserts, chocolates and other guilty pleasures.
  • Fortunately today we can find many sugar-free products and sweets. Consider this option when you want to kill a craving.


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